Notable Benefits of Having a Smartphone App for Your Business

Advances in technology have seen the proliferation of smartphone apps which are designed with one thing in mind - to make the life of the user as easy and as convenient as it possibly can get. The latest statistics in the market indicate over 90% of the world's population today is online. With the significant adoption of tablets and smartphones, a business is presented with more opportunities each day to radically change how they do marketing and how their products or services are accessed and delivered to their target audience. There are more smartphone devices in the world than there are television units and computers combined.

What this means to you as a business owner is you need some form of mobile presence to remain connected with your customers. We all know the importance of reaching directly to where your clients are, and while this smartphone App revolution is a fairly new phenomenon, it's a form of marketing that is growing very fast at a rate that shows no signs of ever slowing down. It's only a matter of time to see where this technology takes us, but meanwhile, here are some of the most significant benefits you stand to reap when you utilize Smartphone App like Touchpal.

One of the notable benefits of mobile apps is clients do not have to play the waiting game since smartphone apps provide a faster alternative compared to web browsing using a mobile. See, browsing through the web requires a customer to memorize your website name and URL, launch their web browser, key in the URL and wait for the website to load (which may take forever especially if there is a slow internet connection. A smartphone app, on the other hand, takes a few seconds to launch since most of the information is stored on the app itself; hence can even function without an internet connection.

Smartphone apps are a sure way of increasing brand visibility by reinforcing your brand. It is one of those channels of marketing that takes the brand directly into the hands of the customer since it is always visible on the smartphone screen. This is unlike a web browser bookmark that can only be remembered when the browser is launched. The increased brand visibility ultimately helps build customer loyalty. Closely related to this, smartphone apps help increase customer engagement since they rapidly connect them to the businesses they are constantly in need of. Simply put, any business that ignores a smartphone app at this time and age is making a grave mistake and losing out on a lot of potentials. Check out our website at

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